Our recipes are designed to be as healthy, comforting and nutritious as homemade food They have won several blind taste awards!

Homemade taste:

Thanks to our super simple recipes, babies can start to learn and recognise the taste of the ingredients. Babies learn to taste like they learn to walk and talk. Products with long ingredients list create problems of recognition for a baby’s simple palate.

No added fruit:

Our recipes are all savoury. The addition of fruit into most savoury recipes for babies is ludicrous, especially with the child obesity epidemic underway. Learning healthy eating habits whilst weaning is crucial.


Varied textures:

Each of our products is matched to a stage of your child's development. from Stage 1 is a purée, Stage 2 fork mash and Stage 3 little chunks-learning to chew is key to developing speech.

 Les différentes couleurs et variétés de quinoa


Consumer Feedback : 

« Good veggie taste. My 9 month old liked this, and ate almost the whole portion in one go. »
Spannavet, on Ocado.com

« By the time he was on his last 6 month packet he literally inhaled the whole pouch without pausing to breathe. He loved it! » Blog : The London Mum

« Baby loved it. The only shop-bought baby food that my son
has really enjoyed! It tastes quite sweet which is maybe why he liked it. » AliceCamel, on Ocado.com

« They taste very «real». The lack of gluten & dairy is fantastic if you are concerned about intolerances. »
Blog : We’re Going On An Adventure