Quinoa Kids Meals

Did you ever had difficulties to make your children eat their vegetables?

We did. That is why we developed the Kids range:

With a practical packaging and three delicious recipes, little ones will thrive on it!

Kids meals, available in packs of 150g, are perfect main dishes or can serve as a side - and they are to take away everywhere. Thanks to the vegetable proteins and carbohydrates, kids will benefit from balanced meals that respect their learning of taste - that is why Quinola Kids have a maximum of four different tastes. Perfect for children on their daily adventures.

Three recipes available, 100% vegetarian/vegan, organic and gluten free:


Mediterranean Quinoa Kids meal by Quinola

Mediterranean Quinoa 

For a sun-kissed trip

Tex Mex Quinoa Kids meal by Quinola

Tex Mex Quinoa

Tastes of South America, but no spicy surprise!


Thai Quinoa Kids meal by Quinola

Thai Quinoa

Get on a trip to discover Asia's magic

Kids meals only need to be reheated - no cooking required. You can put them in a double boiler, in a frying pan or in the microwave (they can even be consumed at room temperature!)