Quinoa Baby Meals

Quinola's Baby Meals are available in six delicious recipes, each with an adapted texture depending on which stage of the weaning process your little one is at.

The pouches are microwaveable (or can be heated in a bowl of hot water) to make it easy to feed your baby a warm meal on the go.

Quinoa can be introduced at 6 months, right from the start of weaning. It works especially well as an evening meal as the grain is easily digestible and contains plenty of slow release carbohydrates.  It could even encourage a good night’s sleep!

Sweet potato, beetroot & quinoa

Carrot, red lentils & quinoa

Swede, parsnip, carrot & quinoa

Pinto bean, sweetcorn & quinoa

Butternut squash, carrot & quinoa

Peas, spinach, parsnip, mint & quinoa