About us

Quinola Mothergrain was created to bring the delights of quinoa to a wider audience. Quinoa based products are all we do.

As a company we strive to have a positive impact in all things we do. Our goal is to make healthy eating enjoyable and easy, whilst minimizing your ecological footprint and treating our suppliers fairly. All of our products are super simple. If you can understand the ingredients list, then so can your body.


Like all great ideas, Quinola Mothergrain was born out of necessity. When our founder, James became a father to three children, he and his wife were often so busy they didn’t always have time to prepare homemade meals for their babies. He found that standard, supermarket-purchased baby meals didn’t taste anything like the main ingredients they listed.

With this in mind James began developing ethically-sourced, quinoa-based baby meals, working with a nutritionist to create recipes and to make them taste delicious. After two years of research and taste trials, Quinola Mothergrain’s first baby recipes were born in 2015.

A few months later Quinola Mothergrain’s Kids range was also launched, to provide more advanced taste and textured meals to appeal to toddlers already content with solid food. Both ranges have proved to be extremely popular among children of all ages. James’s eldest daughter is now 16 and she still enjoys eating Quinola Mothergrain’s Kids meals. Her father could not be happier.