Quinoa & vegetables

Quinoa is an herbaceous plant grown for its protein-rich grains. It is not a true cereal or a grass, it actually belongs to the family of beets and spinach. The Incas gave quinoa the name Chisiya Mama, or Mother of all Grains (hence the name ‘Mothergrain’ :), and they cultivated it for over 5,000 years in the highlands of South America. Quinoa was in fact the staple crop of most pre-Columbian civilizations.

A gentle sterilization that protects the taste

Baby and Kids meals are cooked gently in order to preserve their taste and nutritional qualities. Contrary to most commercial food that is cooked twice (second time during sterilisation), our recipes integrate the sterilisation process during each cooking phase. This prevents the ingredients from getting overcooked and from losing their taste and nutritional value. This is made possible by the Doypack, an innovative packaging solution that respects the environment and its content thanks to excellent heat penetration during the sterilisation process.



Quinola Mothergrain's advantages


Our recipes are gluten and salt free, contrary to some of the major baby-food producers' recipes. Moreover, they offer a source of vegetable proteins and iron for children. Our production site never uses nuts, preserving our products from one of the most important source of allergens. The recipes are made to taste like homemade food and focus on the flavours of the vegetables.