Quinoa based meals for babies and toddlers

Quinola Mothergrain was created to bring the delights of quinoa to a wider audience. Quinoa based products are all we do.

We strive to have a positive impact in all things we do. We want to make healthy eating enjoyable and easy, whilst minimising the ecological footprint and treating our suppliers fairly. All our products are super simple. If you can understand the ingredients list then so can your body.


Our values


Our super simple meals taste as good as homemade food. There is no added sweetness from fruit so your baby will get used to the natural taste of vegetables from the beginning.



All our meals are based around quinoa, the rock star of the protein world. We only use the best organic ingredients. All our meals are full of slow release carbs, to keep your little one fuller for longer.

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Quinola Baby recipes have a balanced nutritional profile and a massively reduced carbon footprint, as the protein is vegetable based. So easier to digest for humans, and the planet too!

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Our organic quinoa is sourced under Fairtrade terms from a Peruvian cooperative we have been working with since 2012. To date, they have received over $200,000 in premiums.

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James et les fermiers Peruviens