Our quinoa is organic, sustainable, the best available and sourced under Fair Trade terms.

Fair Trade is a system that integrates greater equity in international trade and provides new opportunities for small producers at an economic disadvantage.

It warrants decent standards of living for producers by establishing a minimum purchase price for their goods, calculated on the basis of their living and production expenses.

The community receives a social premium, which it often invests in infrastructure or in children´s education to improve the lives of its people.

A social commitment – Support the farmers!

We believe we need to progress from a system that strives to pay as little as possible to a system where we pay the fair price. Fair Trade has nothing to do with charity. It is about respecting the work of both men and women, paying them fairly to improve their standards of living.

About 50% of the people starving in the world are farmers trapped in a system where the distribution of power is completely unbalanced. In the case of cocoa, 97% of the producers own only 3% of the plantations. The remaining plantations (97%) belong to large corporations. This leaves small producers marginalised within a system where power is completely one-sided. Fair Trade brings new opportunities to farmers in developing countries. These small producers, politically and economically excluded, regain their voice through Fair Trade.

James et les fermiers Peruviens
Les recettes de quinoa du Pérou

A different idea of progress

Fair Trade provides a means to make a living in the countryside, away from the slums of large cities and their factories. In this way, it fosters the social progress of developing countries while preserving the formidable expertise of rural cultures.

Traceability: another advantage for consumers

Our quinoa is organic but not all fair trade products are. They all proceed from agriculture that is more humane and better for biodiversity than conventional farming. All products with Fair Trade or Max Havelaar labels provide great transparency for the consumer as to origin, production methods, and quality. Fair Trade is not only humane but also synonymous to quality and traceability. Thus, an honest approach that we can all benefit from.

Le président de la coopérative Coopain Cabana