Source of protein

Humans are omnivorous and eat plants too. We need other sources of protein besides just meat, fish, eggs and dairy.

Plant proteins are found in Quinoa, soy, legumes and pulses.

Protein intake

Babies get animal protein from milk and need approximately 500ml a day until they reach 3 years of age. Did you know that even though meat is a good source of iron children are better off eating plant proteins until they’re older? Plus, animal proteins are actually harder for the body to process- especially in the evening.

Start as you mean to go on!

Eat right, from the very beginning. It's your job to help condition your baby’s tastes and preferences, and start them off on the right path. Animal protein tends to be linked to fatty foods so introduce delicious plant proteins. They’re the best!

Did you know that?

Babies’ kidneys don’t mature until they’re 3 years if age. During the day their kidneys can process animal protein but not so in the evening or during sleep. Plant proteins are digested and processed gently and easily day and night.