Dietary diversification

Children have no sensory preferences at birth: their pallets are like blank canvases. It is around the 6 months of age that your baby will discover the sense of taste and set their preferences according to the flavours you offer them. Preference for a certain food over another is more a question of education and culture than taste.

The more your baby is exposed to vegetables and home-cooked foods during their early years, the more they will prefer this type of food growing up. Habits acquired early on tend to last a lifetime. It's incredibly important to instill good food habits in our children's minds from the moment they start learning about taste. It's critical to avoid industrial products that are often too fatty or salty, with flavours far removed from the original taste of the ingredients they contain.

Your baby’s energy demand increases after 6 months of age, as they begin to move more. Dietary diversification plays an important role at this stage of development, providing the nutrients necessary for growth that are not found in milk. New foods should be introduced in to a baby’s diet little by little, month after month.


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